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About Mark

Hello there,

well about a week ago I thought i was going to be able to reboot this site blog/community without issues....  but then it hit me,  being a dork, i forgot the log in info i created,  GRRRR

So here i am again, reloading the structure of the site AGAIN....  as the previous times a number of things got messed up... i hope maybe ill have a little more intervention of errors creating the mess and the site to get screwed up AGAIN

I have been wanting to start a basic blog/community site with a select few family and friends to be apart of the back end and blogging with me...  

These days there is to much chaos going on in the world, and everyone blames everyone ELSE... taking political sides, the current president, and government for the mess that was CREATED YEARS AGO, even CENTURIES AGO!!!!!

Some BASIC things about me

    I am a LOYAL #LARAMS Fan (40 YEARS)
    The Rams were the first PRO Team i grew to love
    I Also love the Dodgers, Lakers and Kings
    I Grew up in a Family of Musicians and Teachers
    My First Love of music Began with Classical Music and the Composer named Ludwig Von Beethoven
    My First real Classical piece i loved was Beethovens 9th Symphony  (also known in a way as the "Ode to Joy" symphony)
    When I Visited my dad 1 weekend he had a Walkman (tape Walkman)  put Beethovens 9th in and gave it to me to listen to..
    I played that tape and symphony 4 TIMES over and over that weekend
    As time went on i learned more about the Accordion Orchestra my Grandparents created out of family and students (which also included my mom at 1 time)
    Eventually to this day as i learned more about my gpa arranging music  i sort of thought not only was he WAY AHEAD OF HIS TIME  but he was Crazy and challenging of his Students for playing his arrangements... (i might get in trouble for saying that but i wasnt the first to my understanding)
    With my statement above, consider this,   my Gpa arranged classical music from composers, like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and others to a 26 member Accordion Orchestra..

 I am Disabled with Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy...   I shall add more later

Take Care